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Despite all that is going on in the world today..God is still in control. The battle is not who will win ...the battle is who will be on God's side at the end of time. Jesus loves you and wants to be your friend but He would never make you be His friend that is your decision...HE WILL ACCEPT YOU AS FRIEND



Life Happening @ LCCF

Jan 25th Music Worshop Sat 10am-2pm cost $10 per person

For anyone interested or already involved in our Music worship teams Contact info@lccf.ca

Life Happening at SCCF:

Thursday 7:00 Bible Study @ Cobble Hill. Last Saturday of month Men's Breakfast Cobble Hill 8am info@lccf.ca

 NEW Kid's Church is happening at SCCF Saturday nights


40 Days Declaring Peace and Presence

Join us as we declare God's peace & presence in our region
The enemy wants to steal your peace. One of the most powerful spiritual weapons that has been given to God's people is peace

Christian life was never meant to be boring. Connect with a small group in your area.


We are one church with multi locations in the Cowichan Valley.

Lake Cowichan Christian Fellowship (LCCF)

South Cowichan Christian Fellowhsip (SCCF)

Youth News
Third Friday Gym nite @ LCS School 7:00 Youth Night @ 7:00pm

Young Adults to be announced

Contact us @

Lake Cowichan Christian Fellowiship

Sunday at 10:30am Kids Church at same time

10 King George St
Lake Cowichan




South Cowichan Christian Fellowship

Saturday Night at 7:00pm Kids Church same time
Shawnigan Lake Community Centre
2804 Shawnigan Lake Rd